American Pokeweed

I discovered this growing in my cottage garden…it just showed up there one day.  We looked at it, we wrinkled up our noses and…we ignored it.  It kept growing and growing and growing.  And as it did, it started looking more and more familiar.

It’s American Pokeweed and do you know what?  It is well-regarded as an anti-cancer, anti-tumor.  Can you believe it?  It’s like a bird dropped the seeds into my own backyard as some sort of sign…a living, growing testament to my health!  We’re watching the berries anxiously…looking forward to seeing them ripen.

[Note:  The seeds of this plant are toxic and have been known to cause death if ingested.]


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  1. Pokeberry!!! I wondered what the plant looked like and where to find it!! I just read about it the other day for natural ink. The Declaration of Indepences is reportedly written in fermented pokeberry ink. I’ve been meaning to follow up on this and here is the plant. If you have an abundance of berries, care to send some our way? =)


  2. Posted by kristin on September 6, 2010 at 4:25 pm

    this is in no way related, but…are you interested in having any monarch caterpillars come your way? my dad has a ton of them on account of, he’s got a huge-assed milkweed plant growing along the side of his house. i collected 5 or 6 to take to school, along with 2 already formed chrysalis. i’m excited to be able to see them hatch “in person” so if you would like any, just let me know!!


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