Clearnose Skate Egg Case (Mermaid’s Purse)

This is a mermaid’s purse, preserved in alcohol.  According to my research, it belongs to the clearnose skate.

Also, we noticed some barnacles growing on both sides of the egg case.  Cool, huh?


2 responses to this post.

  1. I just found one of these and I’m wondering how to preserve it. I thought I’d dry it but then it shrivels up. I’m going to be a science teacher and want to have this as a specimen for my classroom. Did you use regular rubbing alcohol you can get at the store, or what? Thanks!


    • Hi Julie — Yes, I used plain old rubbing alcohol. Although, I believe using preservation alcohol would probably be a better option. Check science teacher catalogs for preservation solutions, I’m sure you’ll find lots of options! 🙂


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