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Freshwater Aquarium: Start-Up

We created a freshwater aquarium.

The “gravel” is shell material from the Pacific Ocean (bought at Petco).  The pond plants were liberated from a nearby creek and the aquarium includes a Trapdoor Snail, two freshwater shrimp, one dragonfly larva and countless other unidentified larvae (which hitched a ride on the pond plants).  Stay tuned for more developments…


Specimen Surprise: Cone “Worms”

Benjamin brought home a green pine cone the other day–he found it in an ice cold creek.  It was bright green.  And we’ve been waiting for it to turn brown.  It’s been sitting on our 1st floor bathroom counter–pretty much ignored by all three of us.  Until last evening.  When we discovered…sawdusty looking stuff being pushed out of it by something…

This little worm is the culprit.  He is commonly referred to as a “cone worm.”  And he will turn into a small moth.

Quittapahilla Creek: Unidentified Fungi

Quittapahilla Creek: Unidentified Spider

Quittapahilla Creek: Unidentified Fungi

Middle Creek: Snow Geese