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Garden Pest: Heliothos Grub

Every summer I discover my hibiscus is being devoured by little green worms.  This summer I decided to investigate!  First, I noticed the markings on the foliage.

Upon turning over the leaf, I discovered these teeny, tiny, itty, bitty little worms…

They do not appear very threatening, do they?  Well…not until they grow & look more like this…

And when they start turning my hibiscus leaves to lace…they really are quite threatening!

After a little internet-investigation I discovered these guys are the Heliothos grub–a nasty little pest who burrows up through the stem of the hibiscus, tunnels into the leaves and then wreaks havoc as a tiny caterpillar who turns my leaves to lace!  And does it turn into a pretty butterfly?  NO!  It turns into an boring, ugly, drab…brown moth.  Blah!