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Carpenter Ants (Infesting Tree Stump)

Look for the tiny, white carpenter ant larvae–on the left (inside the wood).


Cottage Garden: Digger Wasp

These lovely blue-black wasps were loving my thyme flowers yesterday!  At any given time there were six to ten wasps on the plant!  The Digger Wasp is sometimes called a Blue-Winged Wasp and I’ve even seen it called a “Cicada Killer.”

We have seen “Cicada Killers” in our yard many times and they are much larger than this insect–so, I’m not sure why some consider this the same insect?!?  The cicada killers we see are like huge, angry hornets jacked up on steroids.  🙂

In the Garden: Ailanthus Webworm Moth

This interesting looking “beetle” is not a beetle at all…it’s a Ailanthus Webworm Moth!

Wildwood Lake: Milkweed Bugs on Milkweed

Photo taken September 2009.