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Bumblebee on Thyme


Red Banded Leaf Hopper

Unidentified Insect

Bee Hawk Moth

The Bee Hawk Moth is part of a family of moths called Sphingidae.

Cottage Garden: Grasshopper

Photographed at Wildwood Lake,  August 2009

Pantry Pest: Weevils

We love squirrels.  As a result, we feed them alongside our birds.  We buy bagged “squirrel corn” and for some reason, the last time we bought it it ended up in our pantry.  For the past few months the corn bag has been sitting in a terra cotta pot in my pantry.  It was convenient for us to just open up the pantry, grab an ear of corn and take it to the feeder–so, it stayed there.

Well…it isn’t there now!  Why?  Weevils!  Have you ever spotted a weevil–or worse yet, spotted a weevil in your pantry?  Weevils lay eggs in grain–they can even be brought home from the store unbeknownst to you!  This time, they were in the squirrel corn.

Thank goodness I discovered the weevils early enough to get the corn out of our pantry because once the corn was removed from our home, it seems the weevils multiplied!!  When we poured the loose corn kernels into the squirrel feeder/saucer…little, dusty weevils were everywhere!

Do you see them?  Many of them are crawling on the edge of the saucer–they are small and have pointy little noses.  If they weren’t so icky, they would be cute!  I am so glad these little guys didn’t infest my pantry!  No more squirrel corn indoors!!!

Garden Pond: Water Strider vs. Japanese Beetle

Last evening we watched our water striders surround and attack a Japanese Beetle.  Just as we’d learned a few months ago, the water strider pounced on and grabbed the beetle immediately upon it hitting the water…however, we believe the beetles hard shell proved difficult to puncture because the strider kept retreating.

Water Striders cannot see below or above them…they hunt by using vibrations on the water’s surface.  When an insect hits the water and begins to struggle, the strider pounces!  It pierces its prey and sucks out its juices–a task that, from what we witnessed, definitely proved difficult with a Japanese Beetle.