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This is the groundhog that lives underneath my mom’s potting shed…isn’t he cute?



This is my mom’s “daytime” opossum.  He likes to visit the birdfeeder and eat the extra goodies like stale cookies & bread!  These photos were taken in March 2011–late morning.

Grey Squirrel

Backyard Habitat: Baby Rabbit

We’ve been enjoying watching the growth of a baby rabbit–we believe he/she has a burrow under our Trumpet Vine.

Every morning and every afternoon/dusk,  Baby Bunny comes out to nibble on clover.  He/she has become increasingly comfortable around us.  Benjamin was kicking the soccer ball around one evening and Baby Bunny never flinched; he/she just kept on nibbling.

The other day I watched him/her investigating the squirrel-feeding area.  He hopped over to the terra cotta corn feeder (which was empty of corn at the time).  The saucer was filled with Benjamin’s sandwich crusts.  Baby Bunny stood up on his hind legs and sniffed at the crusts…then, took one in his mouth.  He sat back down on the ground and I watched as he chewed it up.  Then, to my surprise…he hopped up onto the feeder and continued to eat crusts!!!

Wildwood Lake: Baby Muskrats

Wildwood Park: Chipmunk

Grey Squirrel at Feeder